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  Best Way Australia Pty Ltd is a registered company base in Melbourne , Peggy Liu the founder and Managing Director also operate a successful health and body care business , trading under the name of Richway Pty Ltd.

The success in Richway range of products are base on very high medical, technological research of delivering long term health care benefits in both health well being and skin care products. Australia has a worlds’ standard in quality produce that is free from pollution environment , maintaining its pure and clean quality . The values that the Australian government ensure high standard in research and production is to make sure “Made in Australia” means high reliable and superior quality. The team at Rich Way have undertaken continue research programme, products development and manufacturing only 100% in Australia to create products that is safe and pollution-free in every possible and effective methods . Not only “Made in Australia”, but also source in Australia to keep maintaining really high quality products to customers at all times.

The founder of Best Way Australia Ms Peggy Liu started her health care industry since 2003. Her interest and expertise in this business is paramount   to the hugh success in areas of research, products development   and marketing .

Richway will lead the platform for many distributors to be part of these business successes and growing together into the future.

Rich Way Australia plans to develop and market its products into Asia , making our products more accessible in Asian. Let us enjoy better life together , with Rich Way the best choices in better health and body care products.

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